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Who We Are


Our Mission

Our Vision

We are dedicated to motivating, empowering and inspiring children, one at a time, and to producing learners and citizens of excellence in character and academic standards.

We aspire to be an outstanding, innovative, high-performing school that graduates each student to be ready for college or a career or life equipped with a high standard of bilingualism.

Our Core Values

Equal opportunity: Every child should have an equal opportunity to receive a good education. 

Character: We value respect, honesty, diligence and compassion.  These character traits are best taught by effective modelling in a supportive environment.

High expectations: We believe all students can learn, and we hold high expectations for ourselves as trainers and for our students as learners.

Teaching and learning: We believe that effective supervision and a rigorous curriculum are the foundations for academic excellence.

Health and safety: We all have an obligation to promote a healthy, safe and secure environment.

Work Ethic: We value people and promote teamwork in a culture of honor and integrity.

Community: Student, family and community involvement are essential for success.

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