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About Harvest Learning Center

In 2016 World Harvest Foundation launched an educational project known as Harvest Learning Center. In 2021 the Department of Education granted Harvest Learning Center certification to operate a full-day school program for children from kindergarten through Secondary 6. Our kindergarten is operated bilingually, and starting at the primary level our students receive intensive English language instruction. By the end of their first year of primary education, our students are ready to study in an environment that is 100% English-speaking.

Some growth.JPG

Besides our strong academic emphasis, which includes English, Math, Thai, Social Studies, and Science, our curriculum includes a unique emphasis on character training and skills development. Because Thailand lies in the center of the region that has long been known as the Rice Bowl of Asia, we focus on giving our students as much agricultural knowledge, experience, and the skill as possible. We believe that this unique emphasis on character training and skill development prepares our students for life, and we hope that our students will become upright and honest members of society and valuable contributing citizens of the world.

Emphasis on Chemical-Free Agriculture

Food security is an overwhelming problem for many developing nations. We believe there is enough land to produce food for everyone. But in order to produce a healthy and abundant food supply, sustainable agricultural methods need to be studied and practiced. The soil that sustains us is our most important natural resource, and we need to learn to manage this resource properly.

Hands on Experience Working with the Land
Students digging weeds from the


Several times per week our students enjoy starting their day in the garden, especially our younger students. This is a job that is never finished, but our students receive a good sense of accomplishment when they run and play in the green garden that they help to care for.

A big drink for my seedling.JPG

Growing Vegetables

Our students enjoy planting seeds and watching them grow from seedlings to seed-producing plants. They especially enjoy the taste of their own home-grown produce.

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